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Branding Yourself

A branding can be anything. Even you, have a personal brand. When we talk about "personal branding”, we are referring to your unique combination of skills and experiences that make you…. YOU. Effective personal branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your career. Especially in the digital age, the way you present yourself online, on your resume and the messages you send alongside yourself can have a huge impact on your career. A reputation, or personal brand, is something you don’t fully control but we could build over time.

Most employers and employers got their candidates online. Most job seekers won't get hired even the skills are great without some sort of online presence today. Profiles seemed like a draft resume and how they see you in it create an impact on your image. If you aren’t properly managing your online reputation, then you are actively losing out on business.

Luckily, there are a lot of great tools and resources out there to help you with the personal branding process. The idea of personal branding makes some people uncomfortable.

But, if you don’t take control of your personal brand online, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and letting others take that away from you. But don’t fool yourself by putting fake jobs and skills; this can kill your career.

Some important factors to upgrade on your branding are:

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Facebook profile

  • Twitter profile

  • Personal Business cards

  • Resume or Cover letter

  • Portfolio showcasing your work

  • Blog or website

  • Wardrobe

By updating these shows your credibility and people would have an idea who you are. This is a pretty broad topic, but it refers to widening your network like contacting people, organizations, news sources, etc that you think would be interested in you or your work. Outreaching may range from tweeting at someone, to sending a message on LinkedIn, to cold calling, emailing, pitching and more. Your goal in outreach is to create "brand awareness". Hearing you out that you exist and in line with a particular career would send out a voice that could lead you to your success in the business.

Personal branding isn’t easy, but thinking through your unique strengths, your career aspiration and how you want others to perceive you can have dramatically positive results. Building your strategy and optimizing profiles, generating content about you and your career, identifying your goals - this can feel overwhelming. But once you’ve established a strong foundation, you’ll have a guide to follow, which makes the whole process much easier to manage and easier to distinguish yourself from your competitors and take control of your personal brand.

Personal branding is not something you “work on”. A reputation is a by-product of work. You can work on your skills. But you can’t work on a reputation. You see, a reputation is nothing more than the perception that other people have of you. It’s not something you directly control. You can only influence it by two things: Do great work and treat people well.

Search and enrich your branding. Determining what you want to be known for and reflecting that on social media using your authentic, genuine voice. As one grows older and goes through various life experiences, one will mature and so too the personal brand. There is no need to be a copycat or take extreme measures - just remember to be consistent and true to yourself. Just like as the wine matures with age, so too the value your personal brand will gradually increase over time.

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